Ok so last week I had a change of heart after I posted my blog and on air I took the Jets. Turned out to be a good switch. So after that I went 3 and 1 straight up and against the spread. So I must be ready for a let down right? Well let's hope not because here are my picks for today and tomorrow.

First the Saturday at 4:30 the Baltimore Ravens head to Heinz Field to face their most hated rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will normally avoid the trash talking road dog but for some reason the Ravens are hard to pass up on. A offense has the potential to go off and a defense with a chip their shoulder (the exact same can be said for the Steelers) So I will take the Ravens +3 on the road.

Next still Saturday at 8:00The Green Bay Packers will ride into the A T L and pluck the dirty birds. Green Bay was the hot team that everyone thought was Super Bowl bound to start the year but injuries made that look like a impossibility. Well they've figured it out and I think are a team to watch. Take the 2 points and the Pack.

Sunday Funday starts 1pm with the Feel good Seahawks flying into Soldier Field to face the Bears. Nice win last week Seachickens but it's all over now. Take the Bears even at -10.

4:30 Sunday Two teams that will not be getting beers together after the game. The Jets are fun to watch (insert your own foot fetish joke here) but I think at this point they are no match for the New England Patriots. I am by no means a Pats fan but you can't go against a team that prepares and plays like the best team in football(because they are). Take the Pats - 9.

Of course all these picks are purely for fun and by no means do I think you should bet them and stuff.

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