It certainly has been an exciting couple of weeks of football action in the NFL. But it has been rough as far as my family is concerned.

You see my oldest sister is a Jets fan and her husband and kids are Patriots fans. It's bad during baseball season too, She's a Yankees fan they are Sox fans, weird I know.  My other brother in law and nephew are also Pats fans. So lots of tension in the family there last week.

Now it happens again this week as the Jets take on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. My father is also a big Steelers fan! My poor mother is torn! She can't wait till football season is over!

Now to make my predictions for this weekend, Packers are on a roll and there is no stopping them right now. They simply embarrassed the Falcons. I don't see them embarrasing the Bears as it will be a close one. Prediction: Packers 35 Bears 31.

As for the other game, I am going with the homer pick, but I am also speaking how i see it is. Jets beat the Steelers earlier this year, but Pittsburgh didn't have 2 difference makers in Troy Polamalu and Heath Miller. Polamalu changes games in a hurry! Prediction: Steelers 21 Jets 14. and to top it off Martina McBride will sing the national anthem, doesn't get better than that!

Here's hoping that everyone enjoys Sunday's game and here's hoping my sister and I don't kill each other!

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