This is a brief recap of the NFL regular season. Just a few things that stood out to me this year while I was getting creamed at Fantasy Football.

Brett Favre is not coming back, he is, he’s not, the coach and 3 players fly down to beg…I mean ask him to come back. He’s back, But not for long as he gets battered by defenses and former coworkers like Jen Sterger and a few masseuses.

Jerry Jones guarantees the Cowboy’s will be the first team to ever play in a Superbowl in their stadium. Not so much. Wade gets fired, Romo gets hurt and fans get sick while 200 year old Jon Kitna leads the offensive offense.

Kevin Kolb and Mike Vick battle for the starting job in Philly. Vick wins the job, the NFC East and most likely Come back player of the year. While McNabb gets dissed by Crazy Eye Shannahan and his son in Washington.

At one point it was clear the Jets would play Giants in the Superbowl. Jets got a foot hold in the playoffs while the Giants fumbled away their season.

Seahawks were awful but snuck into the playoffs with a losing record first time in league history while the Raiders sweep the AFC West and miss the post season (also a first)

Peyton Manning and the Colts duct tape and bubble gum a team together and win the AFC South. Meanwhile Tom Terrific and the Pats look like a steam roller paving their way to a championship.

Did I make the Rex Ryan loves feet thing clear enough earlier?

Wade Phillips, Brad Childress, Mike Singletary and Eric Magini have already been fired and more head coaches will be joining them soon.