I certainly took a hit with my predictions from last week, going 1-3 thanks only  to a win by the Packers (sorry Sean). So let's see if i can redeem myself this week.

We start out on Saturday with a battle between division rivals and two of the best defenses in the league as the Baltimore Ravens take on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers (4:30 on CBS6).  When these two get together, you are guaranteed smash mouth football. Ben Roethlisberger had his nose broken the last time these 2 teams played (but played the whole game). One gurantee, SOMEONE IS GETTING HURT. Ravens are rolling on the road, but this is where it stops. Baltimore's Terrell Suggs' poor choice of clothing recently is motivation for the Black and Yellow! Prediction: Steelers 21 Ravens 17.

Next we have a great NFC matchup as the Green Bay Packers head to Atlanta to battle the Falcons(8p on FOX23). The Falcons have been dangerous at home losing only 1 game in the Georgia Dome all season. The Packers have been rolling since  the last few weeks of the regular season and looked great against the Eagles last week(again Sean, I'm sorry). Many say the Packers were one team you didn't want to see make the Playoffs because the would be dangerous and I agree. Prediction: Packers 31 Falcons 24.

Sunday starts with the Chicago Bears hosting the "whoever thought they would move on in the playoffs" Seattle Seahawks(1pm on FOX23). I am not big on Jay Cutler, never have been. The guy gives up way to many interceptions. The Seahawks beat the Bears at home earlier this year. I know i many be going out on a limb here but here goes, Prediction: Seahawks 23 Bears 20. (I can't believe i just did that!)

Finally we end the weekend with another AFC division rival matchup as the New York J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS head to Foxboro to do battle with the New England Patriots(4:30pm on CBS6). There has been alot of smack talk going on leading up to this game and I like that, that's the way football should be. The Jets are totally pumped up for this game, but this is the playoffs and it's hard to beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in Gillette Stadium(that hurts to say that). Prediction: Patriots 31 Jets 17.

So there you have it, lets see if i have better luck this week. Feel free to comment and give me your predictions as well. If your team is in the playoffs, i wish them the best of luck, especially if they are the Steelers!

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