Sorry-this is a tad late...but I found it just this morning, and wanted to share... First, quick promo for the Sean and Richie Show.  Every morning at some point we usually drag out the "Stupid News".  You know-- people that do dumb things.  Many times they're crime related.

These little videos are just stupid things that people do to get 15 minutes of fame on YouTube.  But I thought it was worth revisiting, because God knows we need to laugh these days.  So here's your shot of HA HA---

Did you enjoy this?  Well, if you've done something odd on video (G rated of course), maybe you can be part of a future blog.  This new blog feature that we have  is fantastic because we can now include visual elements to our morning show.  Love it!   Send me an email if you have something at and you might become part of the Oddest of 2011!!