You may remember we started filming a regular segment called, "Would you Rather Wednesday", to have some fun and help us, and you get to know the members of the show a little better. It turns out even when one of the show members isn't there, we can still get a good idea of how they might answer. It turns out all we have to do is get Jeff Levack from ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team to come in and fill in.

I have to say while no one could ever really fill Richie's shoes Jeff does a great job having fun, and poking fun with it. Of course I say this now because I have yet to see how he would impersonate ME if I were out one day, hmmm I guess I'm never taking vacation again.

Well here you go and Richie I do hope if you see this on your vacation you still want to come back. We love you dearly my friend!