Help! I reluctantly clicked on this link thinking it sounded like the dumbest video I would ever see in my life and it not only turned out to be just that, it is mesmerizing!

Listen I am not Nirvana's biggest fan but I like everyone else has heard the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit". It would seem that some inanimate objects have also learned the song or perhaps are being possessed by the spirit of Kurt Cobain.

Now, you make think I'm crazy for needing to watch this video over and over but I'm not the only one. Not only has over 3 million people viewed the video there has even been 5 minute and 10 hour loops of the video mad. Ugh. Honestly it has all the right elements to deserve the 3 million hits.  It is short, it has a man falling on ice is well edited and pitched, and it incorporates a hit song, sheer brilliance really.



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