YouTube Image, Video Bomb

I saw this video come across my newsfeed this morning and I totally loved it. We have all heard of "photo bombing," where you stick your head into the background of someone else's picture. Well this would be a great example of "video bombing."

What I didn't realize when I saw this for the first time today is that it is almost three years old! Amazing how in this world where we all love to show and share viral videos that this one is one I have not yet seen. So I figured if I have not seen it yet, there is a good chance that many of you have not either.

According to the girl in the video's YouTube post:

"Well my mom was going to video me practicing my drill team dance.. but I had to wait for the song 'funky town' to come on. While waiting, the song 'smack that' played and I started acting silly. (Smack that was NOT the drill team dance song.) I thought mom was laughing at how awkward I was being... obviously I was mistaken."

No, her mom and then later all of us were laughing at her very talented and funny little brother in the background of the video. I have to tell you, make sure you watch the whole thing because her brother gets better and better as the video goes on!