Bumpy's Polar Freeze, a long-serving ice cream parlor in Schenectady is now under new ownership and the local couple who purchased it plan to relaunch and reboot in the Spring.  Excited about the opportunity that awaits, the buyers are doing all they can to distance themselves from the previous owners oft-talked about and much maligned ways of treating its employees and the community.

Bumpy's Polar Freeze on State Street in Schenectady was in the news quite a bit over the last year or so, but not in the happy-go-lucky manner an ice cream parlor would normally be portrayed.   A place that once proudly provided local patons with 'fun, food and good times' has been recently chided for alleged bigotry, maltreatment, and lack of compliance.

According to the Times Union, the new owners Ashley and Gabe Viscariello are not in anyway connected to the previous owner of Bumpy's, David Elmendorf who according to the story has been accused of "sending racist texts, mistreating employees and violating health codes."

Come springtime, the old Bumpy's will get more than a fresh coat of paint.  The Times Union is reporting that the new owners will relaunch as Stella's Creamery & Cakes described on their Facebook page as "an up and coming family owned ice cream parlor...offering an extensive menu of specialty sundaes, gourmet cakes, premium soft and hard ice cream, and quick eats."

The last year, Bumpy's endured more than their fair share of well, bumps in the road.  Some might say it was more like a  20 car pileup.  The new owners hope to change that and with the right people and the right image, it could be smooth sailing for Stella's.

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