Now's the time to start applying for internships and this one might be the best one out there. This internship pays you to drink beer and socialize. Here's how to apply. Beer company, Natural Light, is looking for summer interns to fill a pretty awesome position. According to, Natural Light Beer (Natty Light) posted a recruitment video to call out fans to submit applications to be one of their interns this summer.

So the requirements are pretty fun too. Well first and foremost, you have to be twenty one or older. But they are also looking for someone who is outgoing, ambitious but not annoying. You will have to drink beer (obviously), while serving as the Natty Light Brand Ambassador and attending events. You will be responsible for all of the awesome content on their social media platforms. You will have to report to the Brand Manager with trends, video blogs and even design cool gear.

If you are interested in this two month internship that also gets you paid, click HERE. Deadline to apply is May 19th.

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