As I mentioned in an earlier story, it’s almost back to school time. The time of year that puts a smile on every child’s face. Well, maybe not. It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over and it’ll be time to do some shopping. Besides getting new school clothes, you’ll need to get some basic school supplies. Most schools will send a list of what is required, but you might be able to get a minor start. The other thing that matters is what grade they’re going into.

I always enjoyed going to get school stuff with my kids. We always made the best of it, and ended up having a pretty good time. Here’s just a basic list of stuff that you probably can’t go wrong if you go out and buy it. If they can’t use them in school, you can almost always use them around the house.

1) Pens and pencils

This has been pretty standard for a long time.

2) Writing pads, spiral bound notebooks

No matter what kind of technology we use, the good old basic paper always comes in handy for writing down notes.

3) Binders

Use to organize things.

4) Backpacks

Mobilization of stuff 101

5) Calculators

I left this for last because sometimes they need a more specialized calculator like a scientific one. I have to admit, this one still throws me a little. We were never allowed to use calculators when I went to school.

Besides checking the Sunday papers for all those specials, there’s a website for helping you find some great specials and places to get those supplies. Have you started your school shopping yet?