Preparing for the Second Wave? Apparently We Are [PICS]
My fiance, Jenn, has always been buttoned up when it comes to making sure we have cleaning supplies and stuff that we need. When the pandemic hit, we were stocked and ready to go. Now she is apparently preparing for the second wave and by the number of boxes that have come to the house this week, sh…
Attention Teachers: July Discount
Even though summer is in full swing and school seems to have just ended, teachers can save a ton in July on school supplies. Here are the details on how to take advantage of this deal.
Sending Care Packages To The Troops
As the holidays approach, and Veteran's Day is celebrated, I can't help but think about all the the men and women that are serving our country and away from their families. We are trying to do our part to help them feel love from home.
You May Have Purchased Toxic School Supplies
Tests recently performed on many 'back to school' items including crayons, water bottles, 3-ring binders, and markers could cause leukemia, birth defects, and potentially severe behavioral and developmental problems. The results of the test were released on Tuesday and some of the products…
What To Do If Your Wardrobe Malfunctions at Work
If you've ever been stuck in the office and had something go wrong with your outfit that day, whether you spill coffee on yourself, get a run in your stockings, have a zipper stuck, etc., it can sometimes be mortifying to still have to go through the rest of your day embarrassed.