Have you ever looked around your home and just thought, "Man, this needs a makeover."

The fine arts student in me always takes over when I'm looking around my house. What can I do next? How can I better utilize this space? This corner needs "this." Well, At Home: The Home Decor Superstore is coming to Crossgates Commons to make our needs a bit easier to be fulfilled!

Based out of Texas, the new home decor "superstore" as they call it will bring their style to over 82,000 square feet sometime this month with construction currently taking place.

At Home, Crossgates Commons Credit: Marissa
At Home, Crossgates Commons Credit: Marissa

As they state: "Any Style, Any Budget, Any Reason to Redecorate," it sorta my life motto. I love buying home stuff! And checking out their website has me super excited for this superstore! Home decor for the holidays, for specific rooms, for the whole house and classy, quality stuff! Be on the look out for their opening and in the meantime check out their site for your redecorating ideas.


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