Halfmoon Trader Joe's Opens Today-20 Favorite Things They Sell
Trader Joe's in Halfmoon opens today and our household couldn't be happier. We have been shoppers for a long time and love the unique items they have. In honor of the new Trader Joe's opening closer to my house, I compiled a list of 20 items that we love. Maybe we share some of the same favorite items.
Halfmoon Trader Joe's Expected Before End of Year
It seems as if they have been building the new Trader Joe's in Halfmoon for a very long time. Well, now we have word that Trader Joe's will be opening up before the end of the year. It will be nice to not have to drive down to Wolf Road to get the great items from one of our favorite grocery stores.
Halloween 2020 Is On - Halloween Stores Open in Capital Region
There have been so many events canceled in the last six months because of the coronavirus pandemic but there is one that won't be shut down. Halloween 2020 is happening and to get you ready the largest Halloween stores in the Capital Region are open now or opening this month.
Huck Finn's Playland Plans to Reopen Soon
One of the best places to take your kids during the summer is Huck Finn's Playland and we finally know when they will open for the summer. Here are the details of the opening and some guidelines that will be in place.
Toys 'R' Us Coming Back
It's been weird that Toys 'R' Us has gone out of business. There is a glimmer of hope, however, that they may be resurrected by the end of this year on a smaller scale.

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