One thing on the internet that gets me every time is video of soldiers surprising their families with an unexpected return home and one local soldier that just that at a Union College hockey game.

15-year old Shea and 12-year-old Elcie, both students at Mohonasen School District, were center ice at Messa Rink at Union College Saturday night, just before puck drop for the Union-St.Lawrence hockey game, according to the Daily Gazette.

While they were standing there, Army Lt. Col. Kevin Ferreira, their father, emerged from the locker room tunnel. It only took about a second for both girls to turn around and leap into his arms.

Lt. Col. Ferreira has served in the military for 25 years, completed his fourth overseas tour, this time he was on a nine-month stint in Afghanistan. His tour was schedule to end in a few weeks but arrived in Schenectady two hours before the game.

He said that his daughters love coming to the Union hockey games and couldn't think of a better way to surprise them. Lt. Col. Ferreira said of the surprise, "This is my fourth deployment with them, and this one's been pretty hard on them, I think, the older they get. All of this aligned, and I guess it's pretty amazing that it happened right on Veterans Day weekend, as well. To get home ... it's been a long go at it."

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