Here's a tasty little morsel for all you cool kittens and cats to add to your obsession with the Netflix docuseries "Tiger King".  Consider this your quarantine Q and A of the Day.  Carole Baskin's current husband (not to be confused with her first husband she allegedly fed to the tigers) has his college degree from a prominent local college.  

According to the Daily Gazette, Howard Baskin  went to Union College and graduated in 1972 with a science degree.  It turns out that the man who married the very polarizing Carole Baskin is a quite the scholar.  After graduating from Union, he went on to the Miami School of Law and then to Harvard Business School.

Howard Baskin and Carole met in 2002, and got married in 2004 and they own Big Cat Rescue. 

In the oddly fascinating, absolutely outrageous beyond your wildest imagination docuseries, Carole Baskin ain't exactly Mother Theresa.  It is alleged by Joe Exotic, the mullet sporting, gun-toting, tiger hoarding, man-loving, country singing, redneck that Carole's first husband Don Lewis who mysteriously disappeared in 1997, was fed to lions by his wife.  Carole and Howard vehemently denies these allegations.

None of this really matters except that I'm obsessed with "Tiger King" and aside from talking about it on the radio, this gave me the opportunity to write about this circus of a television series that has become a pop-culture phenomenon.

Tiger King, which feels about as redneck deep south as you can imagine, has roots right here in our backyard. You're welcome.

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