You send your kid to college knowing that they're going to learn, make new friends, and have fun. What you may not know is that you may have just sent them to the biggest party school in the Capital Region.

Listen, college kids are gonna go to parties, you just hope that they're safe and smart about it. They're gonna go out with their friends, but that doesn't mean you want to make it easier by sending them to the biggest party school in the area, right?

The Times Union shared a ranking put together by Princeton Review that compared all of the schools in the Capital Region and which finds itself at the top of the biggest party school list. The Princeton Review takes a lot of things into account and creates lists based on what you're looking for in you continued education. They surveyed 140,000 students at the top 385 schools to put these lists together.

To start with the good stuff, a number of our local colleges ended up in the list of the best 385 schools in the country: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Siena, Skidmore, and Union. Three of our area colleges ended up on the list for the best value: RPI, Skidmore, and Union.

Some other interesting notables:

  • Skidmore College is #5 in Marijuana use
  • Union College is #2 in the amount of beer, #12 in party schools, and #14 in amount of hard liquor
  • RPI is in the top 50 for game design

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