Have you had enough of Kim, her insanely short marriage, her dysfunctional family, etc?  I find it quite amusing, actually-and great fodder for the morning show, so it doesn't bother me much, but if you disagree,  I'm just the messenger here! 

You can now sign a petition by going to the "No More Kardashians'" Facebook page.  I guess they have 55 thousand people who signed up!

Personally, I think it's a little bit cruel.  They're famous because the media follows their every move.  Why?  Because I'm sure they've done a ton of research and people like them!  They're entertainers!  That's their "shtick".  If you don't like them, turn the channel, but don't rip them to shreds on Facebook. They're just responding to consumer demand.  But if you disagree, by all means, sign up!

Maybe a "We Love Kardashians" page should be started!  (sorry, don't ask me- I'm busy enough working on the "I'm Gonna Barf If I See Justin Bieber" site.)    I'm joking!