St. Rose Singing Star Soars to ‘Idol’ Finale
This would have been the weekend that St. Rose senior Julia Gargano was to graduate from college in Albany, but the pandemic had other plans. Graduation day will have to wait until sometime in September as the singing/songwriting sensation has turned in her cap and gown and replaced it with a microp…
St. Rose Senior Soars to American Idol Top 11
Julia Gargano admitted to Brian and Chrissy from the GNA morning show last week that while she's on 'pause' and at home with her family on Staten Island, she really misses playing at her comfy coffee houses in Albany.  Most of all though, she misses her buds from the College of St. Rose whom she'd b…
Make Money by Watching "The Office"
If your house is anything like mine, this television show is always on anyway. You might as well try to take that binge-watching time and turn it into cash, right?
Favorite Dog Coming Back to TV
There is a big loveable dog that is making a comeback to a television near you. It's one of the most beloved cartoon dogs from everyone's childhood.

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