"Meet George Jetson, Jane His Wife"... What a great theme song, and what a great old cartoon that was.  But what made that show more amazing was how they could forsee some of the inventions that we have today

First, let's go back and see one of their promos from the early '60s, shall we?  This might trigger a memory for you.


Did you catch where they said that they were talking about the 21st century as if it were so far in the future?And did you catch some of the fancy new inventions that they conjured up?  Well, the fine folks at

PCWorld.com were keeping track, and they point out all of the current gadgets that we either have or are in development, and it is truly amazing .

Have you ever seen the iRobot Roomba?  It's a robotic vacuum. They sell it on Amazon.com.  We actually had one for awhile. It worked, but it was alot faster to just do it yourself.  I have to say, though it did work.

Screen Shot Rumba
from Amazon.com

And according to the article, there are flying cars in development as well, according to Techhive.com.

Cellphones that you talk to, watches that play music, earrings that play music - I could go on and on.  We ARE the Jetsons!  That would be interesting to do a cartoon today that predicts technology in the 22nd century.  I don't know about you, but I can't think of anything that's left to invent.  If you have any ideas though, write them below (I'll submit them to "Shark Tank" )

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