Potato Chip Festival In Saratoga This Weekend
There aren't many things the Capital Region is known for aside from the Saratoga Race Track, politicians, and the inventor of the toilet paper roll. One of the more notible inventions is the potato chip created in Saratoga Springs. For the second year in a row, you can enjoy the Chip Festi…
The Voyo Will Make Your Dumb Car Very Smart
You know these "smart cars" that everyone seems to be blabbing about these days?  You know the ones --they have internet built in and can keep track of vehicles systems etc? Well this little gizmo will bring your jalopy right up-to-date.
Top Five Inventions That I Am Older Than [Gallery]
These guys on this morning show of ours drive me nuts.  They keep busting my chops constantly about my constantly advancing age (as if theirs DOESN'T advance).  I keep telling them that we all advance at the same rate, it's just that I had a head start.  I decided to embrace…