Let's go to the movies. Finally, Capital Region Regal Cinemas announced when they will opening but with restrictions in place. I feel that when movie theaters reopen we are slowly creeping back to a bit of normalcy. Also, who doesn't love movie theater popcorn? We will not only be able to see blockbuster movies but enjoy all of the snacks we have grown to love at the movies.

According to News Channel 13, there are five Capital Region Regal Cinemas and they aren't all opening at the same time. The Crossgates Mall and Colonie Center Regal Cinemas will reopen on April 16th. Clifton Park Center and Aviation Mall Regal Cinemas won't reopen until May 14th. East Greenbush Regal Cinemas will reopen on May 21st.  The Berkshire Mall Regal Cinemas will also reopen on May 21st.

Most theaters have been closed since November. Back in October of 2020, Regal Cinemas attempted to reopen but low attendance and limited movie releases forced them to close again. When the theaters do reopen there will still be protocols in place along with only twenty-five percent capacity or just fifty people whichever is less.

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I am just happy we will be able to not only enjoy the whole movie experience, but I am a big fan of the movie theater popcorn. So much so that I would go into the lobby of various movie theaters just to buy the popcorn and bring it home to enjoy while watching my favorite TV shows. I have been doing that since college. Don't judge, I thought it was brilliant. Expensive yes, but delicious.

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