I can't say I've ever seen this happen before. It might be a first in our Rogue Bowling League!  

I am in a very unique bowling league. We are a bunch of renegades, if you will.  Non-conformists. We march to the beat of a different "gutter," if you will.

Our group, 24 strong, decided that we want to bowl together, but only once a month (why beat a dead horse?).  So we meet at Sportsman's Bowl in Schenectady, chuck the balls down the lanes for three games and then go out to dinner. It's a great time, and we've met some great people. There are a few really good bowlers amongst us, by the way - (I hope you're not bored to death being with us, Marcus!)

Anyway, one very funny thing happened this past Saturday. Two members of our group, proud members of the"Can't Believe It's Not Gutters," managed to bowl the identical  score - a respectable 139.  That was awesome in itself!

Then it was my turn at bat. I had a 122 in the 9th frame with a spare taking me into the 10th. Simple math told us all what I needed to give us bragging rights. "Come on, Richie - get a 7, get a 7!!" 122 plus 10 and a 7 on the first ball would make it  139 on the nose.

(Wow - I can't take this pressure! )  As the ball released itself from my sweaty three fingers and careened down the lane toward it's destination, I said to myself  "Ya know? I could EASILY bowl a 7 - I do it all the time!").  YEP!!!  Son of a gun - three pins standing!

The rest of my excited teammates, Dorrie, Steve and Stephanie Rockmocker, gleefully cheered and fell over laughing, as did I.  (I know, I know - I guess you had to be there)

photo by Richie PHillips

Bowling is a great sport.  There's a certain easy camaraderie that you don't find often in other forms of recreation (plus you get to eat and talk in between frames - try THAT in football!)

All in all, it was a great night, and we were bursting with pride over our matching 139's. (Hell, Marcus, Dave and Dorothy probably had that in the 5th frame, but for us, it was quite the accomplishment.  Thanks to Sportsman's Bowl for hosting the party!