Shooting scenes for movies around the Albany area is really nothing new. This one takes us to the Mohawk Valley, Montgomery County.

Google Street View

It seems that this time it’s in the city of Amsterdam. The producer of the movie which will be called ‘Kill For Me’, wants to use some of the abandoned buildings of the city as a backdrop for the movie.

Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane claims that she was a little disappointed about the use of some of the more impoverished areas of the city for a movie, but is glad to be getting the some extra revenue for the city.

Some of the stars that will be in the flick will be Dylan Baker, Bailey Chase and Amy Spanger. In the story from News 10 ABC, Chase told reporters that “we’re staying here, eating here, we’re shopping here.” The producer of the movie, Benjamin Bickham uses the term “post-apocalyptic set”, which he claims that it’s “not meant to be an insult”.

August 10 will be the date of the ‘Kill For Me’ wrap up in Amsterdam, and won’t be released to theaters for possibly another year. It’s always a little exciting when the Hollywood folks want to make parts of our area a part in their films.