When you read a headline like this you say "Wow, this is horrible". The truth is not really, and I'll explain why.

What will potentially cause the "doubling" of Alzheimer's Disease cases in the future is not the fact that the number of people with the disease will double. It's what I call "voodoo math", where they change how they classify numbers. For instance when the national unemployment numbers appear to go down they really don't. A lot of people just give up every month after looking for work for 2 years, and hundreds of thousands lose their unemployment benefits and still don't have jobs but they are considered to "not be unemployed". Also a lot of Americans that had $40,000 a year full time jobs with benefits, are now working part time in retail for $16,000 a year with no benefits and are considered employed so they too come off the number.

The way Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed is going to change basically giving people that don't have the disease but have some mild cognitive impairment the diagnosis. So to make a long story short, there is nothing bad going on here, just some bad things going on with "voodoo math" in the medical and research industry. The real reason is if more people are "diagnosed" with this then they hope they can force the government to throw more money at it. Ironically this news has broken shortly after the federal government has started to cut. It's not ironic, not at all. Don't fall for "voodoo math". Here's the story from US News and World Report that is written so confusingly, that after reading it you won't know what the hell is going on, and probably wonder if you have Alzheimer's Disease.