Let's be honest, when you're trying to find quick information about something or someone, where do you go first? Wikipedia. You're not alone.

A website called "The Pudding" put together a map of the most Wikipedia'd people in each city in the entire country. There are other stipulations, though, too, it's not just random people. Each person selected either were born in that place, lived in that place, or were otherwise connected to that place. Here is a list of some of the standouts of the Capital Region:

  • Saratoga Springs: David Hyde Pierce (actor)
  • Ballston Spa: Abner Doubleday (inventor of baseball)
  • Albany: Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (wife of Alexander Hamilton)
  • Glens Falls/Lake George: Rachel Ray (television personality)
  • Bethlehem: James Charles (YouTube beauty influencer)
  • Cohoes: Chester A. Arthur (US President)
  • Amsterdam: Kirk Douglas (actor)
  • Troy: Robert Fuller (horse rancher and retired actor)
  • Schenectady: Pat Riley (former NBA coach and player)
  • Guilderland: Heather Lind (actress)
  • Latham: Sam Perkins (former basketball player)
  • Voorheesville: Billy Montana (country singer/songwriter)

Do any of these surprise you? Any other ones you found on the map that you found interesting?

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