I don't think I have to remind people that WGNA has a huge audience of all ages.   And you may be saying to yourself – what do I care about Medicare?  Well, all ages should pay attention to this. Medicare has reached a milestone.

I received this press release and wanted to share it. The Capital District Chapter of the New York State Alliance for Retired Americans  wants to spread the word that Medicare's enactment in

1965 was a milestone in the struggle to provide affordable healthcare to senior citizens (and you're all going to be one someday! )

There has been a movement to try to privatize Medicare, but that could really hurt a lot of people in the future down the line. It's important to keep Medicare going, and there's going to be an event at the Cohoes Music Hall with this idea in mind.  Please read below.


If you'd like to see this concert featuring this iconic folk music artist and support this important cause, you can contact A Brody at singlpayernys@gmail.com or call 518-729-3068.