Miranda Lambert Fun Facts You May Not Know [VIDEO]
Countryfest 2011 with WGNA-FM is July 9th at the Altamont Fairgrounds and our headliner is country Superstar Miranda Lambert. Other than the fact that she is the hottest thing in country music right now, and that she is getting married to Blake Shelton there are some really cool factoids about Miran…
Jackie Chan-I’m Not Dead (Video)
Motion picture and martial arts superstar Jackie Chan is not dead! If you don't believe me, here's the story from Fox 23 News. Its truly a sad day in the world when you have to prove you're not dead. The internet is good, and as in Jackie Chan's case just pure evil.
What Exactly is The Ides of March?
Caesar was warned to beware the Ides of March which was when he met his demise, at least in the words of Shakespeare. Aside from that what do you know about the ides of March? Where did it come from?