US News and World Report has ranked the best states to live in, and New York came out okay!

#17 overall in the United States? Not too shabby right? US News and World Report has ranked the states 1 through 50, and New York came out a little above average. The rankings were based on the following categories, with New York’s ranking for each:

  • Heatlcare: 13
  • Education: 19
  • Crime & Corrections: 5
  • Infrastructure: 22
  • Opportunity: 44
  • Economy: 29
  • Government: 23

As you would guess, we rank very well in healthcare and crime, but I thought our education ranking would be higher. Our schools and universities have a great reputation!

So which states performed the best? Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington finished 1 through 5 respectively. You can see the full rankings here.

And hey, it’s good to know new York is better than 33 other states!

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