Video gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon and one of the major events will be held in Albany next year. I was never a serious video gamer. I did love Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto in my thirties, but I played just for fun. Now there are talks that some video games or esports could become an Olympic event. Gamers from all over will come to Albany next spring to showcase their skills.

According to News Channel 13,  the Albany Capital Center announced that they will be the hosts of Hudson Valley Gamer Con 2019 next March 30th and 31st. The Gamer Con is an intercollegiate video game competition. They estimate that there are nearly five hundred million people involved in either watching or playing worldwide.

Gamers at the Hudson Valley Gamer Con 2019 will be competing for their colleges right here in the Capital Region. The Eastern College Athletic Conference and Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference will be participating and this will be the largest event in the Northeast.

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