The City of Albany has officially announced the postponement of the annual Price Chopper/Market 32 fireworks due the COVID-19 pandemic. The popular Albany fireworks have been a long-standing tradition at the Empire State Plaza for over four decades.  It's an annual occurrence that attracts as many as 20,000 people to the plaza as well as thousands more who view the show from outside of Albany.

While many people thought the cancellation was a foregone conclusion, some were holding out hope that even if the city didn't allow large gatherings to show up at the Plaza, the fireworks could still be launched and people could find a comfortable place to watch while also maintaining a safe social distance.  This is not going to be the case but according to the Times Union, they'll be postponed until at least Labor Day, depending on the continued flattening of the curve.

In a message posted on, the capital city announced:

"In an effort to avoid large gatherings at the Empire State Plaza during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, New York State Office of General Services Commissioner RoAnn Destito announced that New York State’s Fourth of July Celebration presented by Price Chopper/Market 32 is being postponed."

When it comes to fireworks and the city of Albany, there is no shortage of the illegal variety that are annoyingly blown off pretty nightly, something I wrote about a few weeks ago. 

It's a bummer that the fireworks show that Albany residents actually want, won't be happening this year.

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