A little over a week ago I heard loud, nearly professional grade fireworks booming throughout Center Square, Albany around 8pm.  Anyone who lives within an earshot of Washington Park has almost certainly heard them too.


I looked out the windows of my apartment hoping to see the show or at least watch the night sky light up, but couldn't tell where they were coming from.  Recognizing that we're in the middle of a pandemic and, as far as I know, there were zero celebratory events in Albany to speak of, I tried to rationalize the thunderous, continuous explosions.  Was Albany throwing an impromptu party for the opening of Phase One? What the hell was going on? 

This went on for about an hour.  Then two hours.  It was now close to 11pm and the fireworks were still popping off.  These are nearly professional grade fireworks and they're loud.  The kinds that boom when lit, sizzle as they travel up into the sky, and then cascade down after they explode in the air.   No quite the caliber you'd catch at a Tri-City Valleycats game, but more like the display that you'd see from that responsible friend who takes "fireworking" seriously or neighbor who does it once or twice a year near the 4th of July.  But these are nearly every single night and they well, blow.

Need to get the kids down to sleep at 8pm?  Good luck if you live anywhere near Washington Park in Albany.  

Gotta wake up early and prepare for your 12-hour shift at Albany Medical Center?  Better grab your earplugs.

Have dogs that get easily spooked?  Well prepare to clean up the shit in the living room when the first boom has Rex jumping out oh his skin.

I saw on the Albany/Reddit post recently that a woman named Kelly wrote:

I'm gonna lose it! These fireworks. I can’t. I’m on State street and they are EXTREMELY loud. I can’t take it anymore. Some of us WORK and need to sleep.


Dozens agree with her.  One reddit poster added "Has nothing to do with memorial day, either. They've been going on for over a week now, and will likely continue ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Not going to lie, my thoughts laying in bed last night started to turn positively murderous."

Another wrote this, "I might even take a walk and see if I can figure out who is setting them off. I suggest anyone else who is sick of it do the same."

Nobody really knows who is setting them off or where they are coming from but they appear to blowing off near the Central Avenue/Henry Johnson neighborhood in Albany.  Kelly told me that she has personally called the police non-emergency number 4 times just to give them a heads up.

So far nothing has been done.  But if you're looking for an illegal fireworks display to check with the family tonight, settle in tonight somewhere near Washington Park in Albany.

They're free, loud, last a good 2-3 hours and happen pretty much every night of the week.

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