On Saturday, January 21 GNA presents the Fitness, Health and Beauty Expo at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.  If you're looking for some motivation to get back into shape this year, just read this amazing story of a Best Fitness instructor who transformed his body and life!

Gary Dibble, an instructor at Best Fitness, was kind enough to share his journey of weight loss.  We hope that you'll be motivated to conquer your goals after reading this story.

"I never really weighed myself, and if the topic of weight ever came up I would just say that I weighed 250 pounds. I went to the doctors for a cough that would not go away. During the visit, I saw that my actual weight was almost 300 pounds. It was at that point that I knew that I needed to something about it.

A friend of mine had purchased an elliptical machine for their house and I started to use that a few days a week, but I quickly grew bored. I was very excited when I heard that Best Fitness was opening close to my home.  I started taking classes; including yoga. Being able to go to a gym and work out with others my excitement for losing weight was revived.   Best Fitness has been a huge contributor in both my weight loss and weight maintenance.

Since losing 125#’s I have run 5 marathons ( marathon = 26.2 mile run) and 3 Ironmans ( 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). I now teach Cycling and Yoga and I enjoy helping others achieve their own goals.

Group X classes are a great way for anyone to start or maintain weight loss. The classes are designed to be fun, friendly and all levels from beginner to advanced."

Keep in mind that this is not a paid advertisement, check out the picture below of Gary Dibble before and after!  We hope you'll start the journey to a better life by joining us on Saturday, January 21 for the 2012 Fitness, Health and Beauty Expo at the Empire State Plaza.