Although the original  incident I am describing happened quite awhile ago, I just stumbled upon this last nite and I must admit, I got quite the chuckle out of it.  (Although I bet a certain airline isn’t laughing)

Seems back in 1998 a band from Nova Scotia, "Sons Of Maxwell". boarded a United flight to Nebraska.  Although quite unfortunately they damaged one of the band member’s guitars and refused to reimburse him, it might have been the best thing that ever happened to the group.  They released a song called “United Breaks Guitars”, and so far it has racked up over 10 million hits!  And even though the airline has since offered to reimburse Dave Carroll, he has refused to accept it.  The whole story is here on Huffington

Since the song has a country flavor to it, I thought I would include the link so you can get your own chuckle from it.

He's actually produced 3 songs about the subject that you can follow on his album "Perfect Blue", available at

This hits home to me.  Once I had a gig in Florida and had to bring my KEYBOARD on a plane.  The gig went fine, but upon returning home, I got there, but the keyboard was rerouted to Albany.  Albany, GEORGIA!!!   It came back a week later, and the metal case that it was in was cracked in half.  The keyboard was OK, but the case cost $200, and I was not a happy keyboard camper.  They paid me though, so I can't totally complain!

Have you ever wanted to write a song about some bad experience you’ve had?  Maybe I can help you out.  You do the words, I’ll put the music together!  (Although I’m a bit more conservative.  If we were to do it on the air, I wouldn’t mention names directly)