I think you'll find this pretty cute! Here's video his mommy captured of little 2 year old Brody rockin' out with his guitar.  Now if I could only figure out what he's singing :)

I’ve always had this wild notion that when Brody is older, I’ll look back on his toddler life and be able to pinpoint the first time he experimented with something at a young age that ultimately became his career or passion.  I don’t know why I have these strong feelings, but’s it’s very real to me.  I don’t care what that “thing” is.  Whether it’s sports, music, science, flowers, animals, or philanthropy; that part is irrelevant to me.  I feel that Brody is the type of kid that will know very early what his passion is, and make that his career or lifelong ambition.  It’s what my gut tells me, and I’m sticking with it!  When Brody gets inducted into the Rock and Roll or Country Music Hall of Fame, I'm certain this cute little performance filmed by his mommy, will be the very first part of a treasured exhibit for millions to see; but you guys get a sneak peak now!

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