About to book that next vacation, or worse, already have your plane tickets for a future flight? Worried about your next flight being overbooked?  Knowing the secret airline rules of being bloodied err bumped is key.

According to CNN, airlines reserve the right remove passengers at their own peril.  The criteria for such removal varies, but ranges from the plane being too heavy, an air marshal needing to board, or in this specific case the flight staff needs to be on it to work. Here's what most people don't know: Additional terms are agreed upon when you buy your tickets. Basically, you buy a ticket, they get to choose whether or not you fly!  Exceptions are made for those with disabilities, minors traveling alone, military, and customer loyalty.

What's so unusual about the situation that occurred Sunday night on United Airlines is that somehow this wasn't hashed out before the passenger boarded the plane.  If I'm not willing to negotiate in the terminal, I'm sure as hell not going to negotiate with the airline when I'm on the plane.  Once I get to my isle and claim my overhead space, my mind is one thing and one thing only: my destination!

The old saying 'Any Press is Good Press" most likely doesn't apply here. This will certainly result in a million dollar lawsuit against United Airlines, a litany of internet memes, and an opportunity for competing airlines to adjust their marketing to reflect that they don't bloody their passengers to a pulp for not allowing themselves to be "bumped".

O.k. now you're ready for takeoff. Or are you?



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