An idea popped into my head. An idea that honestly, could have gone horribly wrong because it is true that I am one of the most accident prone people you'll probably ever meet. I've fallen down my stairs at home a handful of times, I've managed to rip a nail off of my pinky finger at work (please remember, I work in radio) along with plenty of other things. So, when I had the idea to get out the red saucer and see what kind of magic could happen, I just made sure my cell phone was near by in case of emergency.

The snow fell overnight on Saturday and by Sunday the rain had washed it away. I would be lying to say I wasn't gleeful seeing the grass once again. Also, because I didn't want to get the snow blower out and clean that mess!

Though, I shouldn't have been surprised when I arrived home Tuesday afternoon and realized that about 3/4 of my driveway was covered in ice.

I'll say this, it was fun to feel like a kid again for a few minutes.

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