We talked about this on the show today, it actually kind of blows my mind. There are so many different angles to look at it from, and it certainly seems to be a set back in the "women's movement". 

YouTube Image, Melissa Nelson
YouTube Image, Melissa Nelson

I know when this has happened to me in the past it has always stung just a little bit. When you get fired from a position that you love, and you are good at just because you are too hot, it seems like you have a great case for discrimination. Well, unlike this lady, I realized it may not have fit in the legal guidelines of what discrimination is, so I just let it go. Being so irresistible is just a cross I have learned to bear.

33 year old, Melissa Nelson however took it all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court, before she lost her case. On Friday the court ruled that her boss 53 year old Dentist, James Knight was justified in firing her because he had a "irresistible attraction" to her.

What do you think?

Check out more on the story in this video from ABC News:

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