If you are dreading the colder weather and want to get away from the restrictions of the pandemic, you may be able to go to paradise to work. Here are the details on how you can work in beautiful Aruba. Lately, more and more people are working from home remotely. That means you can still keep your job and work from anywhere. Well, you might as well work from beautiful sandy beaches in a tropical paradise.

According to Simplemost.com, there is a new program that is allowing Americans to live and stay on the island of Aruba with their new "One Happy Workation". This will let US residents the opportunity to stay in Aruba for up to three months without having to get a special visa.

Other Caribbean islands have already offered this amazing remote work opportunity. The Barbados Welcome Stamp allows Americans to live and work on the island for up to a year without a special visa as well. You could also live on the beautiful island of Anguilla they are also accepting applications.

There are also many condos, villas, resorts, and hotels that have paired up with Aruba's tourism board that will give discounts to US residents that visit the island for an extended vacation. If you do stay in one of these accommodations as part of the "workcation", you will get free Wi-Fi, all-inclusive food and beverages, and breakfast.

Get all the details on working in paradise in a beautiful Caribbean island like Aruba by clicking HERE for the "One Happy Workcation".

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