Not sure if you know this or not (or care!), but before I got into this crazy little thing called radio,  I was a piano bar player!  I played some wacky places, but never like this!

How did a piano get put on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay Florida?  According to the Associated Press:  Nicholas Harrington said he wanted to leave his artistic mark on Miami's seascape....and if it would help him get into Manhattan's Cooper Union College, that would be OK too!    "I  don't like it to be considered a prank, he said.  I consider it a movement" 

Well, there's been some "movement" since this story aired.  Looks like they've moved it off of the sandbar and replaced it with a table for 2!!!  Noone knows who was responsible for this!     You can view the original story here

Again, I've played some weird places, but this takes the cake.  I once played in a bar that had no room for an actual piano, so I had to stand up BEHIND THE BAR and play my electric keyboard next to the bartender.  Again, STANDING the whole time, if you can picture that!   I was helping with the drink orders in between songs!!!!! 

(I certainly hope Nicholas gets into college!  Nice prank---I mean MOVEMENT, Nick!!!)