Shmaltz may be leaving Clifton Park, but they will be bringing a new establishment to the area.

Beer and music? Sounds like a win win! According to a Times Union story, Shmaltz is  planning on opening a new 'Shmaltz Tasting Room' at the old Newberry Music Hall location (The basement at 388 Broadway). The Times Union says the mixed use facility will be a partnership between Shmaltz and the comedy works and will hold "...concerts, festivals, beer tastings, club meetings and other events that previously were held at the brewery." And well, of course serve plenty of Shmaltz.

This should be a cool new addition to Broadway. It's great to see Shmaltz keeping a tasting room open not too far from their former Clifton Park location, and having another potential music venue here in the Capital Region is always a cool thing!

The Times Union says current plan is for the new facility to open sometime in January


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