Monster Truck Legend Returns to Lebanon Valley Speedway

In the 1980s and 1990s when Monster Trucks were an even bigger deal than they are now, who could ever forget the rivalry between Gravedigger and Bigfoot?

At the time, they were two of the biggest and the baddest trucks on the planet.

Dennis Anderson

The creator of the legendary "Gravedigger" monster truck, Dennis Anderson joined Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 1077 WGNA Friday morning to promote his appearance at Lebanon Valley Speedway this weekend. 

Anderson, the Hulk Hogan of Monster Trucks, said that he started in the industry decades ago when he was just a southern boy who had a love for big trucks and wanted to have the one with the biggest cahones - hence Gravedigger!

"I got into an argument one day with a guy about how junky my truck was, and so I told him I'd take my junk and dig his grave," Anderson told us about how he came up with the name,

"Then," he explained, "I spraypainted "Gravedigger" on the door and I've been that ever since!"

Photo: Dennis Anderson Extreme Monster Truck Experience Facebook
The creator of Gravedigger will be at Lebanon Valley Speedway

King Sling

These days, Anderson, 62, drives the new "King Sling" Monster Truck - and he along with his 4 kids will be at Lebanon Valley this weekend for Monster vs Mega's this Friday and Saturday night.

Anderson tells us that way back in 1989 he coined a phrase while at Lebanon Valley Speedway, and he says he uses it in every interview including our conversation on Friday morning, telling us, "I just want to thank all the fans for every nut and bolt in my truck, and every shingle on my roof!"

Check out the entire interview with Dennis Anderson here:



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