Now many people debate on certain towns and cities being in the Capital Region or part of it. This map should put much of that discussion to rest.

I myself am the person that believes Lake George is part of the Capital Region. Many think its too far north but being an hour away, Id say it falls into the area. The map attached agrees. Then again I also would say Hudson is part of the Capital Region, the map disagrees with that.


The area in light brown obviously is the Capital Region. Through all of the posts I have written I have seen some people who would comment something like "Saratoga Isn't the Capital Region".. That I feel we can all most certainly disagree with. But what do you think, I mean its hard to really make a map but did. Do you agree with it. The Capital Region to them is pretty much Coxsackie to Lake George, north to south. East to west its the Vermont and Massachusetts border to Amsterdam.

Draw your own map, check out below and submit what you believe is the actual Capital Region. I say Hudson to Lake George and Vermont/Mass to Gloversville, very similar to what posted.

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