Massachusetts Doggo Enters 2020 Election
Some dogs run after cars, others run to get treats, but a Fall River, Massachusetts goldendoodle named Oliver Winston Churchill Finelli is running for something a little more prestigious.  He may not be your typical paw-litician, but this handsome boy with the esteemed-sounding name, is running for …
Mass Police Arrest Repeat Parking Lot Pooper
They say "when you gotta go, you gotta go" and we've all been there before.  When nature calls and you're not going to make it home, you just hope that the gas station or pizza shop bathroom has been cleaned out in the past few weeks.  A parking lot, for me anyway,  would probably not be m…
‘Racially Insensitive’ H.S. Soccer Game Cancelled
A superintendent at a Massachusetts high school has canceled a planned 'whiteout' fundraiser soccer game after enough people complained. Why you ask?  Because words matter according to the super, and the term 'whiteout' was deemed racially insensitive.
Tom Brady's House for Sale: Take a Look Inside [PHOTOS]
Tom Brady has signed on for a couple more years with the New England Patriots and to celebrate, it looks like he's getting a new house. The realtor put pictures of the house up and it's probably your only chance to be inside the house of greatness.

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