Do you love the joy, tradition and the taste of Christmas?  Want more flavor this holiday season? Well have I got great news for you. Now you can actually taste the most wonderful time of year in the form of (wait for it)...a potato chip.

A British grocer called Iceland has recently announced they'll be selling Christmas tree flavored potato chips. Yes, you heard me right - a potato chip flavored like a pine tree.  I don't know what this will actually taste like but according to their packaging, the Christmas tree flavored potato chips will have a 'piney, woodsy taste'.

Some other (fake) ideas that I came up with that surely we'll never be seeing - or eating!

  • "Stocking Stuffer Flavored Potato  Chips" These chips mix the unique essence of chimney ash and the brand new pair of socks you pretend to be excited about.
  • "Santa's Sack Flavored Potato Chips"  Please your palate with this chip that tastes like wooden trains and a tinge of Santa sweat after hustling from Norway to Clifton Park in 12 minutes.
  • "Elf on a Shelf Flavored Potato Chips" Tempt your taste buds with a the chip that tastes like candy-canes and espionage.
  • "Christmas List Flavored Potato Chips" Indulge in this chip that is bursting with the zest of black crayons and pure disappointment.
  • "Christmas Music Flavored Potato Chips" Grandma may have gotten run over by a reindeer, but not before she fashioned this chip after her delectable Dominic The Donkey mincemeat pie.

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