I had a very  interesting thing happen last week.  I had been out sick with the creeping crud several days last week , and happened to miss the Sean and Richie Show where Sean supposedly got upset about Ted Williams (the man with the golden pipes) receiving so much attention in the press.

Again, I never heard Sean talk about this on the air-and for once I wasn't across the desk watching his reaction.So I thought I would simply respond to Sean's blog (and see if anyone mentions to him that I wrote this).  (If you search "Sean" you will find the blog I am referring to)

Sean has an amazing way of making me see things in a totally different light, even if I don't want to admit it!!    And dang it!  I think he did it to me again!At first I felt kind of happy for this downtrodden individual.  Hey, maybe after all he's been through, he should get his 15 minutes of fame.    But then, while you mention it, you think about the MAGNITUDE of attention you get these days vs. 30 years ago when there WAS no internet and Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.  You end up with FAR more than 15 minutes.  In fact, sometimes we never get you off our TV's.  (Sorry, Sarah).

Now when you do something---ANYTHING out of the ordinary, you become a YouTube superstar INSTANTLY, and then the traditional media, jealous of anyone getting a jump on their story, start fighting over a shot to get THEIR 2 minutes of ratings fame.  Next thing you're on Conan, TMZ.com, ad nauseum.. And lord knows if all else fails, you can always get your own reality show on your way back to "rock bottom".  (Rock Bottom--wow!  I think I came up with a new reality show!!!)

I have nothing against this man whatsoever, and I think I speak for both of us when I say "I wish him well".  But did you hear the latest?  Jack Nicholson wants to give him a part in his next MOVIE about a radio DJ!!!!    Sure--it's a fabulous marketing move, and I'm just the idiot who will go see it for the interest factor, but where do we draw the line in America?  Is there no limit as to who we will accept to become the next media celebrity.   You can become famous these days just by having your "Pants On The Ground" and looking like a fool doing it!!!

There's no question that the media sometimes rewards the wrong people , but maybe because we only have a desire to digest information about the "wrong" people.  We have no desire to help them, mind you--just parade them thru the media and capitalize on them for the short period of time that people remember them!

But then again,  what would you be more inclined to  watch tonite?   A story  called  "Good Citizen Of The Week?" or "Homeless Man Becomes Jack Nicholson's Costar"?  Sorry, Sean, but this is what sells in America!   YouTube knows it, Fox News knows it, and I guess we're all at fault for feeding into it.

Now excuse me-but I have to go.   "Intervention" is coming on.Right after the Snooky Special!   Must see TV!!

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