It's a tale well known by many Schenectady residents, but it certainly took me by surprise to learn that Jack Nicholson's love affair with Perreca's Bakery is real and as fresh as ever, some 30 years after he was first introduced to their delicious bread.  How did this love affair begin?

According to the WMHT the story, when Jack Nicholson and Meryl Street filmed Ironweed  30 years on the streets in downtown Albany, it was Nicholson's driver who introduced him to what many consider the best baked bread in the entire Capital Region.  “Jack was hooked immediately on the bread,” said Maria Papa, who co-owns the bakery in the city’s Little Italy. “His driver would buy the bread every day and bring it to the set.”

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Rumor has it that if some of Jack's friends are in New York, they visit Perreca's Bakery and they're instructed to bring the doughy deliciousness to him in Hollywood that day. Even after all these years, nothing stands between the great Jack Nicholson and his love affair with local carbs!

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