Even at age 79, Carol Thebarge a substitute teacher from Charlestown, New Hampshire  is a big Facebook user.  And, a lot of her "friends" happen to be her students.

Carol has been a substitute teacher for the past 35 years. One of the schools where she works is Stevens High School in Claremont, New Hampshire - a lot of her Facebook friends are from that school.

Carol says she uses Facebook as a safe place where kids can send her private messages about bullying, feeling depressed, or any other issues they might be having.

Because of a new school policy, Carol was asked to delete all of the students that she was friends with.  The new policy has been established because a math teacher at that school was just arrested for sexual contact with a 14-year-old.

Carol thought about it . . . but decided she just didn't want to delete her Facebook friends and take away the only safe forum she had to interact with them.

So . . . she was fired by that school.

What do you think?  Should teachers be allowed to be friends with their students on Facebook?



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