I have run into a real issue this Summer folks, and maybe you are in the same pickle I am. I love to see movies at the theater, and don't buy a lot of home DVD's.

This Summer we have been so busy here at WGNA that I literally have not had a chance to see any of the big Summer blockbusters yet. I like the smell of the popcorn even though I can't eat it (Doctor's orders), the awesome big screen and the way the sound jumps at the theater. There is no way for me play catch up and see all of the big movies I want to see, so I am going to be breaking down and buying them all DVD to watch at home when they come out. Here are the big Summer movies I will be adding to my small DVD collection soon.

5. Captain America
4. Thor
3. Water For Elephants
2. Cars 2
1. Cowboys and Aliens

What are your favorite movies of this Summer? There is a lot to choose from this year, one of the best years ever for real movie lovers.

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