I don't think anyone is shocked that a second Avengers movie is on it's way after the first one made over $207 million in it's debut weekend. On top of all the movies "Avenger" attractions will be opening in Disney theme parks soon. I am little surprised just how many Avenger movies are on their way though.

Ok in order "Iron Man 3" set to be released May 3rd of 2013. It's all rumors right now but it looks like Tony Stark will be headed to China to fight Ben Kingsley as the "Mandarin".

Next up "Thor 2" hits the big screen on November 15th of 2013. There are no plot details availible yet but we know Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston ( Loki), and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) are all set to return.

The First Avenger gets his second solo movie on April 4th 2014 in "Captain America 2". All we know is Chris Evans is back and the Captain will continue to try to find his way in the modern world.

And don't forget that Mark Ruffalo has signed a six movie deal to play Bruce Banner (The Hulk's alter ego). So all totaled we know there are four movies in the works and possible Hul movies mixed in there.

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